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Point Source, Inc was established in 1992 as a photonics (optoelectronics) consulting, R&D and proprietary manufacturing company. Our mission is to offer our client companies a practical means of investigating the benefits they can derive from the many new developments in the photonics field. Photonics is the technology of systems and devices that emit, modulate, transmit or sense light (photons). This technology is currently being used in Photoelectric Sensors, Laser Machining / Processing, LED Illumination Systems, and other commercial, industrial, and medical applications.
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Light Based Products
Point Source, Inc. specializes in the development and manufacturing of custom light based products that are exclusive to our clients.
      Examples of Point Source sensors include: Glue Sensor, Fluorescence Sensor, Paper Sensor, Water Quality Gauge, Cigarette Smoke Sensor, Allergen Sensor, Safety Light Curtain, Web Coating Gauge, Optical Mark Sensor, Cue Ball Sensor, Part Count Sensor, Electronic Eye, Alignment Device, Infrared Sensor (IR Sensor), Fill Sensor (Level Sensor), Turbidity Gauge, Laser Sensor, Bar Code Sensors, Traffic Counter, People Detector.
     Examples of Point Source illumination devices include: Hi-Flexibility Hi Intensity SMT LED arrays, Illuminators for cameras, LED Light Therapy, Custom LED area Lighting, Laser Pattern Projector, Fiber Optic Diffusers.
     Other Point Source services include: Light Sensor Calibration, CO2 and Diode laser machining development, and Photonic Consulting.