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Research and Development

The life-blood of Point Source, Inc. is the Research & Development that it performs for its customers. The mission of Point Source, Inc. is to facilitate the incorporation of new photonic technologies into products. It is in the R&D that this happens. Point Source, Inc. got its start offering consulting, R&D and Prototyping. We have the ability to effectively combine the optical, mechanical and electronic elements into an effective solution for our customers. We serve industrial, commercial and government clients although the vast majority of our work has been with industrial and commercial customers.
It is important to know that we are not obligated to any component supplier. This allows us to develop solutions using the best components, resulting in the most effective end product. If a company were to use a manufacturer of discrete photonic components to develop a custom photonic device, the solution would be designed around this particular manufacturer's components. We are under no such restriction. In fact all of the products we have developed utilize discrete components from multiple sources.

The combination of our expertise in optics, mechanics and electronics, our understanding of how these three disciplines work together and our freedom to use any and all discrete components makes us rather unique in the photonics business. Our successful product track record attests to the effectiveness of our research and development capabilities.

Our policy regarding patents is that if a client financially supports the research, then the client owns the rights to the results of that research. The work by scientists at Point Source, Inc. has resulted in 28 issued patents to date. Almost all of these patents are assigned to the clients who funded the original work.

Our goal, beginning with the R&D phase, is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients built on performance, trust and openness. Our client portfolio shows the success of this approach.