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Production and Manufacturing

The major source of revenue for Point Source, Inc. comes from the manufacturing operation. Point Source, Inc. was started in 1992 as a photonics consulting, R&D and prototyping company. By 1995 our clients were pleased with the prototypes we had created and wanted an on-going source of these devices. At that time we made a decision to establish a proprietary manufacturing operation that would only manufacture devices resulting from the R&D performed at Point Source, Inc. In this way our clients could have a proprietary source of the photonic devices whose development they had funded. The manufacturing operation has been very successful. We are still producing most of the original devices developed in the early 1990s. Since then we have continually added new products to production.
Technologies that are key to photonic manufacturing include optics fabrication, plastic molding, circuit board production, tooling for efficient assembly, quality control, and product testing and calibrating. Point Source, Inc. utilizes all these technologies to produce unique, cost effective, reliable and high quality photonic products. The on-going relationships we have with our customers, speaks to the effectiveness of our manufacturing operation.

Often, as products evolve, the R&D at Point Source, Inc. gets involved in adding new product features. The close relationship between R&D and production at Point Source, Inc. makes product evolution a seamless process.
The manufacturing group at Point Source, Inc. has an excellent record of on-time delivery, low defect occurrence and high customer satisfaction. Clients are always welcome to come and work with the production group at Point Source, Inc. to improve the quality of the products through testing and failure analysis.

It is the policy of Point Source, Inc. that a customer may take their product and produce it in house or have it produced by another company. We would turn over all production information to support that transition. It is a testament to our manufacturing operation no customer has yet to exercise the option to take a product from Point Source, Inc. to be manufactured by another entity.